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A little bit about Goth Unites Founder

Sentinel is Originally from Vancouver BC Canada, He has been apart of the Gothic community for over 28 years, always encouraging others to check out the scene & letting people know that the Goth community is not a gang, is not a phase its a life choice where other people see beauty where some cannot. Sentinel was paying attention to how hard it is to get the cool alternative clothing with several stores such as the millennium that was located in Vancouver BC & in Edmonton Alberta. Shut down along with a recent store named sanctuary that closed their doors end of April 2019. Both stores will be greatly missed as they all played a major role in western Canada's goth community & inspired so many how they can be so much more in the world. With this being said sentinel watched as the panic of where to go started to spread inspiring Sentinel to start working towards storefronts with a goal to open a full-size alternative store in Edmonton Alberta & with a 10 year plan to launch Goth Unite stores in all major cities of Canada.

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