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Goth Unite & primal Contact lens Untied

Today @ Goth Unite we have established a great new contact lens supplier here in Canada, Today Goth Unite & Primal Contact lens are now officially working together to build a future for the great dark & wonderful culture.

As of now Feb 14th, 2020 Goth Unite will be getting in primal contact lens display cases & information books on a contact lens to help assist our customers better, with this being said our old supplier is discontinued this weekend the remaining contact lens in stock are discounted as follows

1 day in contact lens was 23.95 + taxes now are 9.95 + taxes a pair

long term contact lens from the old supplier was 44.95 now on for 21.95 sales are final on these products & while supplies last.

Now with this being said Goth Unite's new contact lens from Primal contact lens will be retailing @ 29.95, this is good for 3 months from when you open them they also have a 5-year shelf life if still sealed in the original containers that come in.

We also will have contact lens cases & contact solution on-site to make it much more convenient.

Now for other great news with all this in place Goth Unite by the end of February will have a largely strong stock in store of the contact lens, This also is all made in Canada goes under the mission of Goth Unite's goal of having at least 30% of its products made here in Canada supporting Canadian economics, job creation & working towards decreasing the unemployment rate & increasing employment.

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