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Goth Unite the new sanctuary??

Support goes along ways.

All is not lost now operating @ the Edmonton super flea market & online Goth Unite now has a lot to offer to those who loved Edmonton's beloved Sanctuary a special thank you to sanctuary its staff & owner & all who took part in paving the road for the future of the Goth/Alternative culture New & older generations to come.

With the launch of Goth Unite, we have had some big shoes to fill were constantly working on bringing in new products & meeting a lot of former sanctuary customers.

With this being said Goth Unite has its full intentions of launching a full-size store that runs 7 days a week in Edmonton Ab Canada.

Goth Unite now has Gift cards available that can be bought online or in-store that can be used online or in-store purchases.

Unofficial of when this will happen we are aiming for 2020.

Furthermore, we also have launched the Goth Unite's reward program that now can earn you Goth coins on all purchases online or in-store that can be used to redeem for free gift cards, discounts or other promotional stuff being offered.

Goth Unite believes in fair pricing so when it comes to a full-size store overheads can be really tough challenge for any company so we have decided that making our store more then just a clothing & accessories store our goal is to have a clothing & accessory store along with the second part of a store in order to have D&D nights, magic nights, industrial dance nights, live bands, or other great idea's that are not mentioned.

Did we mention that we designed our live nights to be 13+ & up?

Goth Unite believes that parties are fun but we always have noticed all the events you have to be legal drinking age to go?

what about the future generations to come? no place to hang out?

so to help unite the culture family, friends Goth Unite will not be carrying alcohol in its event nights. instead we will be carrying alcohol free beverages at fare prices.

By supporting Goth Unite on its mission by purchases, sharing posts, letting people being aware of us helps us grow it also will help create new full time or part-time jobs.

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