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Goth Unite Updates for 2020 Important information for customers

News here @ Goth Unite !!!

So here at Goth Unite, we have some great news & bad news.

Starting off with some unfortunate news that we must let all know about some major important immediate changes. as of this weekend @ the Edmonton's super flea market will be Goth Unite's last weekend @ the market due to economics consistently dropping & with unemployment on the rise has considerably impacted Goth Unite on sales in the local area with this being said to prevent Goth Unite from closing its doors we going to use our online store only for next month or 2. We have looked at all options including launching an independent store in Edmonton to have longer hrs a larger stock on site but with the high risk of it not succeeding we are currently holding back until the market begins to stabilize & jobs start to return.

Now for some news that brings hope to all :)

With this being said Edmonton is a priority area for a Goth Unite store but with no official timeline of when this will take place.

To help offer better services with Goth Unite & reduce the cost for online purchases for the customer we offer free shipping on orders over 100.00 within Canada.

Also with the strong demand, we are getting from BC Goth Unite is busy setting up a location in Kamloops BC the new address will be announced in the next update from Goth Unite.

Also, note that all orders will either be shipping from our Kamloops location or shipped out from 1 of our other warehouses depending on which location has stock on hand.

We want to thank all our wonderful customers in all of Alberta who drove into Edmonton just to shop with us or locally live here in Edmonton who came in every weekend showing there love & support @ Goth Unite & hopes to see your continued loyalty @ Goth Unite during this change as this change is not permanent when the right time arises Edmonton Alberta will have Goth Unite Store alongside with Kamloops BC.

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