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How to use Contact lenses :)


  • Apply your makeup before you put in crazy lenses.
  • You will need not only your contact lenses but also a contact lens case and a bottle of contact lens solution. These are essential in order to use your lenses correctly and care for them properly. You may also like to use a pair of contact lens tweezers. These are not essential, but many people find that they make it easier to handle contact lenses. We recommend contact lens tweezers for anyone with long nails, as long nails can damage contact lenses.
  • It may take you a few attempts to insert your coloured contact lenses for the first time. Don't worry - this is normal and you will soon get used to it. It is best to insert your lenses is in a brightly lit area with a freestanding or wall mounted mirror. A bathroom is ideal. If possible have a clean, smooth surface below you - if you drop a lens, this will make it easier to find.

NEED A LENSES WITH POWER BUT THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN PLAIN? Here is an idea for you: Some our customers wear crazy contacts over the thin single use one-day contact lenses with diopters. However, we do not recommend this, and if you do so - consult your optician.

1. BEFOREHANDWash, rinse and dry (dry is optional) your hands thoroughly, better leave your fingers wet - to avoid dust from the towel. Prior to inserting the lens, check that it is free from notches and dust. Under no circumstances should you use lenses that are dried out or damaged. Rinse the lens with solution before you insert it. If the lens is damaged, do not use it. Also, check that the soft lens has not turned inside out. The lens should look smooth and rounded.  


Pick up the lens and place it on your finger. Use either your fingers or lens tweezers. Ensure that the lens sits on the tip of your finger with the printed (brightest) side facing downwards.
Check that the lens is not dry or dirty. If it is, rinse with a drop of lens solution.
Use your free finger to pull down your lower eyelid. Use your other hand to pull up the upper eyelid. You should be able to see white all around your iris.
Look straight ahead into the mirror.
Gently place the lens in the center of your eye.
You should feel the lens settle on your eye.
Remove your finger. The lens should remain on your eye. If not simply try again.
Still holding the eye open, look to the left and right. Release your eyelids and blink. This will help the lens settle into the right place. Look in the mirror and check that the lens is in the right place. It should be over your iris.
Should your vision be blurred after inserting the lens, first check that the lens is located in the centre of your eye - if it isn't then move it with a clean wet finger. Otherwise, remove the lens and check that it has not become tainted with cosmetics or oil - if that is the case then cleanse the lens thoroughly in solution and re-insert it. 

  • Sometimes you may see slightly blurred view when looking sideways n if you inserted the lenses correctly (this is theatrical lenses, and it may cause discomfort - that is why we recommend to use it for party, photoshoots, filming only.
  • If your eyes tend to be dry- take the eye drops with you (ask for artificial tear-drops at the pharmacy which are suitable for lenses or simply use few drops of lensecare solution).
  • If you are out for long time- take the container with you (in case you will party long, and decide to take off the lenses).
  • When using the first time- some slight eye irritation may occur. Before going out wearing lenses for a first time: we advice to wear lenses few times for a short period of time (1/5 - 2 hours) .
  • You should remove your fashion lenses immediately if you feel your eyes are reddened, watering, aching or your vision is strongly impaired, and contact your optician or pharmacy.

3. REMOVING LENSES: Do this before you clean your makeup!

To remove your lenses, follow these simple steps: 
1. Wash your hands.
2. Use one or both hands to hold your eye open.
3. Gently pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger.
4. Lift out of your eye.
This may take a couple of attempts - remain calm and try again. If your eye waters, use a tissue. If your eye becomes sore, wait a few minutes before trying again.

WEARING DURATION: You can wear coloured contact lenses for up to 16 at a time. You should never sleep whilst wearing contact lenses, so always remove your lenses before doing so. Be carefull when swimming or taking a shower too - when you put water or rub your eye lenses may fall out :). Before your remove your lenses ensure that you have a clean contact lens case and contact lens solution ready. 
After opening your lenses, they are usable for a certain amount of time only. Read the description for duration time of each lense. However, if you take good care of your lenses, change solution in the container often (even if you do not wear the lenses) - llenses may serve you longer.

CARE AND STORAGE: Meticulous hygiene is essential with the use and storage of contact lenses. To clean your lenses, first wash your hands thoroughly. Place one of your lenses in the palm of your hand and rub it gently with a few drops of fresh lens solution for approximately 10 seconds, preferably using your forefinger. After you have finished, replace the lens into a suitable storage container with an adequate amount of fresh lens solution. The solution should cover the lenses.

NOTE: When you buy 22mm sclera lenses from our Shop - we always send you the free special container for sclera lenses! :) Please, never use standard container for scleras as it is simply too small and you may damage your lenses.

DONT'S: Do not share your lenses with anyone else. Do not wear your crazy lenses such as sclera whilst swimming, driving a car, motorcycle or bicycle, or when operating machinery. Do not sleep in your lenses.

Should you have more questions regarding contact lenses: please consult your optician.

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