How to use:
0. Bleach your hair, roots, or strokes of hair (if needed)
1. Shampoo the hair (preferable with pH acid balanced) shampoo. Do not use conditioner or balsam.
2. Towel dry the hair.
3. To avoid colour on the skin- use skin cream around the hairline.
4. Apply Colouring Balsam through the hair (wear gloves, use tint brush)
5. Keep the Blsam in the hair for about 30 to 60 min or even longer for the best brightest colour effect.
6. Rinse the hair with warm water  (without shampoo).

- Do not mix this balsam with peroxide. Do not use on eyelashes.
+ To keep your hair color bright- you may want to color your hair every 2-3 weeks.
+ The less conditioner you use after washing your hair- the longer bright colours will stay on your hair.
+ To get the PASTEL color effect mix your favourite color balsam with the balsam/conditioner you usually use for the hair. Mix 50/50, dye your hair same way as you would do with standard hair coloring balsam. You can also mix your favourite color woth white toner or silver for pastel color effects.

How long does your Semi-permanent hair dye last?
Depending upon your hair type and other hair products you use (e.g. hairspray) the colour will last a varying amount of time, it will start to fade very slightly after each wash. If your hair is bleached the color will last really long, on natural blonde hair type it can last fabout 5 washes. These are times are just a guide as some hair types are more resistant to dying. 

  • If you have bleached hair: most of Direction colours will last about 15 to 20 washes, then the color will start to fade slowly.
  • If you have bleached hair: most of Stargazer colours will last about about 5 to 15 washes, then the color will start to fade slowly.  

The hair color will wash out completely in a month or a few (depending on your hair)

The Semi-Permanent hair dye liquid in the bottle does not look like the colour you want? Don't worry- the colour comes out during the application, so the colour of the actual liquid might not resemble the finished result. It will do after correct application and drying.
Attention: Sometimes freshly colored hair may color your towel or pillow.

Our haircolours has never been tested on animals.