Twin Heart Promise Ring

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Twin Heart Promise Ring

Two halves of the same heart with the ardent promise of eternal bondage; to always be together whenever apart. The two separate halves of the ring are embossed with Latin; 'et nos unum sumus', (and we are one), and 'tenetur in aeternum', (bound forever); together they read as 'we are bound together for eternity'.

A double ring; a pair of complementary pewter band rings of the same size, to be worn together or separated. Each one features unique, embossed Latin lettering and a Swarovski crystal teardrop which, when worn together make a heart shape. One ring is in an antiqued polished finish with a clear Swarovski crystal, and the other is black pewter with a black Swarovski crystal.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height 0.35" x Width 0.94 " x Depth 1.1"
0.04 lbs
Fine English Pewter, Black Swarovski Crystal, Clear Swarovski Crystal